Innovative File Transfer and Management

Gigabyte Express™  Unattended File Transfer

Secure, reliable, fast and unattended file transfer is the purpose of Gigabyte Express.
Gigabyte Express Unattended File Transfer Performance
File transfer is direct from the sending computer to the receiving computer, file transfer is faster because there is no server in the middle.
Gigabyte Express must be running at both the sending and receiving computers.

Gigabyte Express T2

  • Secure File Transfer for link speeds up to 20 megabits/sec.

  • Includes Niwot's patented error-correcting RELIA™ technology and TCP transport.
  • Best multi megabit choice for round-trip ping times (latencies) from 60 milliseconds (Domestic) to 700 milliseconds (Satellite).

Gigabyte Express T1

  • Fastest File Transfer over International T1 (1.5 megabit) and E1 (2.048 megabit) links.
  • Includes Niwot's patented error-correcting RELIA™ technology and TCP transport.
  • Best megabit choice for round-trip ping times (latencies) from 150 milliseconds (International) to 700 milliseconds (Satellite).

Gigabyte Express DSL

  • Fast File Transfer over Domestic DSL to E1 (2.048 megabit) links.
  • Automated Operation with multiple Dial(Client) and Answer(Server) Sessions simultaneously transferring files to specified destinations.
  • Best domestic choice for transporting large files over Domestice DSL and megabit links with round-trip ping times (latencies) from 20 milliseconds to 150 milliseconds.

Gigabyte Express HOME

  • Fast File Transfer over Domestic DSL to E1 (2.048 megabit) links.
  • Manual Operation with a single Dial(Client) and a single Answer(Server) Sessions simultaneously transferring files.
  • Non-expiring license for home use sending and getting from other Gigabyte Express DSL and Gigabyte Express Home hosts.

Gigabyte Express T1 and DSL for Mac OS X and Linux

  • Secure Automated File Transfer to and from the Mac OS X and Linux platforms.
  • Mac OS X version with Graphical User Interface, Linux version with automated operation from a terminal window.
  • Mac OS X version includes preservation of Macintosh-specific file information and Resource forks.
Gigabyte Express has been shipping to the Printing industry since 1994, when it was first offered on Macintosh platforms. Gigabyte Express for Windows has been shipping since 1996, and is the preferred choice of multi-national out-sourcing corporations as well as domestic printers with bulk file transfer needs.

Gigabyte Express benefits for the Printing Industry
  • On-the-Fly Compression -  Lossless Compression and Decompression benefits when sending compressible printing files (Post-RIP, for example) with no performance penalty for non-compressible JPEG's and PDF's.
  • IP Answer/Call - Simultaneous IP answer and IP call (and multiple sessions for all of the products above Gigabyte Express Home) means that when one session is automatically sending a large file, another session may be started and a critical file may be sent manually without interrrupting the ongoing large file transfer.
  • AutoSend   - Use "Hot folders"  with specified destinations for the files found in each hot folder.
  • AutoGet   - Our Printing customer's customer does not have to open up a firewall to achieve automated bi-directional file transmission. Autoget works with Autosend to both retrieve and send files without human intervention.
  • Preservation of Mac-specific Resource Fork   - All products preserve the resource fork, eliminating the extra steps of stuffing before sending and unstuffing after receipt.
Gigabyte Express benefits for the Out-Sourcing Industry
  • Send the oldest file first -  means the files arrive in the order they were generated.
  • The File Pipeline   - Our Out-Sourcing customers send millions of scanned images Internationally. This feature in the T1 and T2 product lets up to 15 files be in flight simultaneously.
  • Link Rate Governor - Control bandwidth consumed during file transfer with Gigabyte Express'  Link Rate Governing feature. Limiting the Target Rate of the transfer to a number below your Internet access pipe rate allows multiple users to access the Internet even when large file transfers are occurring.

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